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The NIRAS Digital Futures Hub brings together the right experts and partners to solve development challenges through enhanced approaches to digital technology and data

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October 8, 2020

Frontier Data Study – insights and guidance on using digital data to support the SDGs

The Frontier Data Study, carried out for the UK’s former Department for International Development (DFID), has now been released. The Study, which was led by the NIRAS Digital Futures Hub…
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October 2, 2020

Data becomes Digital – Futures Hub evolves to become a centre of expertise in both data and tech in the digital age

The new NIRAS Digital Futures Hub was formed recently following the success of the NIRAS Data Futures Hub, which itself was only established in 2019. The new expanded Hub aims…
April 24, 2020

Using the digital data landscape to tackle COVID-19 challenges in the developing world

Innovating with new data sources from digital footprints has become an important part of responding to the pandemic. New data sources can provide speedier and newer kinds of insights not…
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September 16, 2019

Introducing the Data Futures Hub Snapshot Guide to Data Quality

  The Data Futures Hub believes that the development community needs to improve the way it understands, uses, and produces data, and that need is more and more pressing. We…

In light of the digital revolution, the importance of effective Data use has increased tremendously. The onset of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoTs), have increased the speed and availability of data. Harnessing this data effectively is a challenge but also an opportunity to enhance achievement of the SDGs. Thorough the Data Futures Hub, we are proud to lead the digital transformation of development by fostering a data-driven culture and paving the way to evidence-based decision making to help address the global challenges framed around the SDGs.

Carsten Toft BoesenNIRAS Group CEO

Hub Co-Founder,
Matthew Shearing,
explains our vision around data.

(Interview for The Development CAFE’s Development Dialogue web series.)


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