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App Development Process
The below-given figure illustrates a general app development process followed by most mobile app developers/development companies.
No more need be said.
The Right Developers for Your App
You cannot develop an app without working with a mobile app developer. But not just any developer will do. You need to work with experienced developers and for that to happen, you need to be able to choose them right. The mobile app market is all set to hit $27 billion in 2019. This skyrocketing demand for apps is satisfied by numerous app development companies. As can be imagined, with the multitude of development options, picking the right developer to work on your needs looks like an insurmountable challenge.
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However, considering a few crucial pointers will help you pick a developer with the proficiency to create your business app as per your precise instructions:
Take a look at all the mobile apps built by the developer
Developers who have a track record of developing apps for various platforms won’t think twice about giving you a list of apps that they have worked on. Look through these apps, and use them if you can. This will give you an idea of their skill sets, experience and their way of thinking. As a business owner, you need to know whether a developer can build your business app using a specific mobile OS. The mobile app developer are the clearest indicators of their proficiency in developing certain kind of apps for a certain platform.
List of past and present clients
Very few developers will have problems sharing a list of their past client(s) or the clients they are working with presently. The idea is to talk with these clients if you can, to check whether the developer actually worked for the client or not. This is a reliable reference check and will also give you an opportunity to interact with their clients and find out whether the services of the developer are actually any good or not.
Test the developer’s knowledge of smartphones
Why? The fact that the developer is going to build an app that’s going to function on an iPhone and/or the Android device means knowledge about smartphones is an absolute must. This allows you to get an idea about his passion for app development from software development company and associated technology. There is yet another way, you can identify if a developer is passionate about his job. If a particular developer calls himself a specialist in developing iPhone apps, he should be using the latest iPhone, shouldn’t he? So, ask the developer, which device he is using.
Channels of communication and progress updates
What are the channels of communication employed by the developer to get in touch? Are these communication channels acceptable to you? There are some developers who prefer clients call up at only certain times in the day. Is this acceptable? What about your project progress report? How and when will the developer apprise you of the project update? Is this mode of appraisal acceptable to you, and if it isn’t, is the developer willing to work out something that is more amenable to your needs?
Project cost and delivery time frame
This post gives you an idea about how much it costs to develop a mobile app. The cost of the project and the expected time frame for app delivery is another important factor to keep in mind while choosing your mobile app developer with outsourced it support services. Work with somebody who can deliver an app within your budget and deliver it to you within an acceptable time frame.
Avoiding the Pitfalls
Developing an app for your business is susceptible to plenty of avoidable pitfalls. Here are some of them:
Not choosing the right mobile OS
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Will it be the Android or the iOS? One of the biggest problems faced by businesses is picking the right development platform. Businesses fall into the trap of relying on surveys conducted by various agencies to zero in on the platform of choice. For example, according to a recent survey conducted by Good Technology, the iOS emerged as the preferred choice of businesses to develop mobile apps. But, the problem is that the needs and requirements of every business are different. So, if you want to build an enterprise mobile app, and most of the app’s target employees bring Android devices to work of custom software development services, it makes better sense to develop an app powered by the Android OS rather than the iOS. Otherwise, you will end up choosing the wrong mobile OS and suffer the consequences.
Inability to understand the nuances of mobility
You go ahead developing a mobile app for your business with very little idea of what you are doing and why you are doing it. You’ve only got yourself a mobile app because mobility and leveraging mobility for business benefits is in; but you really don’t know how to tap its potential.
If you are unsure about developing a mobile app for your business, why not develop a mobile website, and proceed from there. This will help you pilot test the waters of mobility for your business and check whether it suits your business model and its growth objectives or not.
Inability to fit your App into your business strategy
Does your business strategy have a place for your mobile app? If your mobile app doesn’t fit into your existing business strategy, it will have a disruptive influence on your business. If you cannot evaluate the efficacy of the app vis-à-vis its contribution to your business growth strategies, it makes no sense to have a mobile app. A business mobile application cannot exist in a vacuum. It must be a subset of your business strategy.
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