Patrick Abbot

Director, Niras UK

Patrick (Paddy) Abbot,  is an experienced project director and consultant and has over 27 years of extensive experience in international development; including programme management and implementation, monitoring and evaluation design, project cycle management, implementation and evaluation. Using his background of ecology, socio-economics, M&E, and institutional development, he works largely on climate change, environmental governance, and collaborative forest management, investment, and trade issues.

Paddy is Managing Director of LTS International which is part of the NIRAS group. He has acted in a directing or leadership capacity in over twenty projects in the fields of land use, environment, and M&E. Paddy first worked with rural Malawian communities in 1991 where he designed and implemented a project that piloted participatory forestry in Malawi.  It was the first of its kind and was used to demonstrate the efficacy of community involvement in forest management.  His work informed the revision of the Forest Act (1995) and formed the basis of his doctoral research. Since then, he has spent considerable time working in Malawi on numerous development programmes.