Simon Kabendela

ICT & Data Monitoring Specialist

Mr. Kabendela is an ICT and Data Monitoring expert with over 5 years of relevant experience in database development and web-based applications, website design and development, network configuration, and system administration. He is skilled in designing data collection instruments, programme and prepare mobile devices for data collection, configuring cloud space for data storage, training field enumerators, troubleshooting & support field teams during data collection, providing ICT support to transcribers and engineering data collection process. Simon has been involved in multiple research works as ICT and Data Monitoring Expert including recently  Citizens’ View on Taxation and Mobility in Tanzania by Christian Michelsen Institute (2018), Sida funded Evaluation of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) – Literacy and Numeracy Education Support (LANES) program in Tanzania(2018), AgroBIG project baseline and Endline Surveys in Ethiopia (2018 and 2019), Mid-Term Review of Rural Finance Expansion Programme (RUFEP), in Zambia (2019). In addition to being the in-house ICT Specialist, he is also part of the M&E and Communication Team for the Local Investment Climate Project in Tanzania responsible for designing the booklets, briefs, video documentaries and maintenance of the Project Website. Excellent experience with Data collection software including: Survey Monkey, SurveyToGo, Open Data Kit (ODK), and has also been trained on NVivo – qualitative data collection tool. Manages the website and plays a key role for the communication material for NIRAS Tanzania projects, including the LIC programme in Kigoma and Dodoma. This includes tasks such as editing videos, layout design for reports and brochures. Mr. Kabendela  has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Institute of Finance Management (IFM).