Virza Sasmitawidjaja

Data Futures Hub

Virza Sasmitawidjaja has 27 years of professional experience providing technical assistance to donors, governmental agencies and the private sector in natural resource and environmental economics, environmental management, climate change, development planning, finance, policy, project management, and environmental safeguards. Virza has extensive experience dealing with governmental and non-governmental organizations. Virza is Senior Environmental Specialist at the World Bank at the present time on a part time basis. He was Senior Climate Change Specialist at Asian Development Bank.

Virza is LTS Country Director in Indonesia with the role working in a range of areas of the business and to contribute to the continued development of this internationally respected company with focus on strategic leadership, project management, and business development. The Country Director serves the role of Indonesian “Representative Office Chief” as determined by government regulation relating to the operation of representative offices.